Building Homemade Gnat Traps

Creating homemade gnat traps is an easy solution to summer time’s most annoying pests. Rather than paying an exterminator or spraying dangerous and possibly toxic chemicals into your food preparation areas, try using some simple and recycled ingredients to put together a fully functional gnat trap.

Building the Trap

The first step toward building your own homemade trap for tiny gnats requires that you locate a two liter soda bottle. Wash the bottle with some water and then remove the cap. Begin cutting the top of the bottle off with a pair of sharp scissors. The best place to remove the top part of the bottle is about 3 inches from the top. The bottom half of the bottle will now serve as the trap and top half will serve as the funnel that will bring in the gnats. Turn the top half upside down and insert it into the bottom half until it is snug. Use duct tape if necessary. Now you have a trap with a very small opening that will capture the gnats once they are inside. The next step is to create a form of attractant to lure the gnats away from your food and into the trap.

Using an Attractant

Many types of attractants will be successful in bringing gnats into your trap. They are attracted to many types of food and liquids, but most people find simple sugar will do just fine. Mix about ½ cup of sugar and place it in the base of the trap. Find some vinegar, apple cider vinegar if possible, but any type of vinegar will do. Mix in about ½ cup of vinegar with the sugar and then fill the rest of the bottom of the trap with water. This will attract and then drown the gnats after they fall into it. Be sure to keep the water level at least a couple of inches below the top of the bottle to prevent escape. Once the trap has been placed you will begin to notice it filling up with gnats quickly over the next few hours. If the trap begins to fill up too much, simply dump the contents and refill with vinegar, sugar and water to reset the trap. That’s it. This simple method will help you rid your home of these annoying pests.

Preventing Gnat Buildups in Your Home

While these homemade and simple gnat traps will help you to remove gnats from your home, you should also take some simple steps to avoid getting large amounts of gnats as well. Gnats are attracted to food items, any food items, so keeping the kitchen clean is vital. Fruits especially should be covered or placed in the fridge. Any food that you notice gnats hovering around should be put away or covered. This goes for spilled sweet liquids or tiny crumbs of food as well. Be sure to wipe down surfaces with warm water or cleaning products to remove all the tiny traces that attract gnats. The sink is another place that often attracts gnats, due to the tiny food particles left in the drain. A good way to eliminate this problem is to pour some vinegar and baking soda down the drain and allow it to sit for about two hours. Then you can run the water through it. These simple steps will help reduce the amount of gnats that you will have to remove from your home through gnat traps.

These homemade gnat traps aren’t just for the kitchen. You can make these simple contraptions from just about anything and then you can place them anywhere you have gnat problems. Try hanging these traps on the deck or patio and remove other annoying insects as well as gnats from your outside dining areas.



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