Essential Tips on How to Kill Gnats

Summer means long beautiful days, great foliage and days at the beach, but along with all this, come the annoying gnats and it is good to know how to kill gnats if you want a really spectacular summer!

Many people, even those who are prepared for mosquitoes and flies, sometimes are caught unprepared for gnats. With a little preparation, it is possible to get rid of gnats whether they bother you indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Gnats

Here are some easy steps to vanquish indoor gnats.

Gnats are attracted to the smell of food. So, as an essential first step, take away all open and uncovered sources of food. It is easy to do this if you have a covered trash can and if you put your fruits away in the refrigerator at least for the summer. By putting away your food, you are also taking away the source of food for gnats and in a sense starving them.

Mix water and vinegar and fill a bow with this mixture.

Cover this bowl with a plastic wrap and poke some holes in the cover.

Gnats are drawn to the liquid and once they fall in, they die.

The vinegar seems to attract the gnats and gnats also like moisture.

It is a good idea to place this bowl in an area where you are seeing many gnats and it is also important to replace the vinegar water often.

As gnats are drawn to moisture and dampness, it is important to make sure that indoor plants are not magnets for gnats.

Avoid over-watering the plants and make sure there is proper drainage in the pot. If the water is collecting in a plate at the bottom, think of ways to avoid having too much stagnant water. It may be better to water a little bit less and to do it at more frequent intervals if that will help limit dampness in the area.

Pesticides are a possibility if you find that your earlier steps are not proving effective. There are some pesticides specifically formulated for gnats that are very effective.

Since it is a chemical, it is important to use it with caution.

Do not spray around your food or other things that can be contaminated.

Avoid areas where children or pets may be affected by the pesticide spray.

Make sure to read all the warnings and instruction.



Sometimes, if you see an area infested with gnats, it is a good idea to spray the gnats with hair spray. The spray stiffens and kills the gnats. This will work only in situations where there are a couple of gnats sitting around in a specific area.

Outdoor Gnats

The same principles that worked inside should work on gnats in the outdoors.

It is a good idea to create a bowl of water and vinegar and leave it in a strategic location. One other solution known to work is soap water.

Hanging sticky fly traps is also known to be effective in trapping flying gnats.

Leaving cut pieces of potato at the base of pots is a good way of getting rid of the larvae of gnats. Gnats are drawn to the potato and over a few hours, there will be enough larvae embedded in it to get rid of the potato and kill many future gnats.

If you are bothered by gnats while working in the garden, using vanilla extract on your clothes and body can be a good way to avoid them.



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